Options That Fit Your Needs


Color Consultation / Staging to Live

This option is for any homeowner who wants to update their home to live more beautifully.  This is an In Home visit to evaluate your home's fixed items such as brick, countertops and flooring colors. This will help consultant specify new paint colors, flooring needs, decor for your home.   The fee for this consultation is $200.00. A written report will summarize our discussion and professional recommendations will be made.  Homeowner may chose to shop for these items or  Personal Shopping at $75.00 per hour is available.  I will do all the legwork to find all the materials needed to make your home live beautifully.

If a Color Consultation is the only need, the fee is $50.00 per two rooms . Minimum of two rooms.




A room by room evaluation and a staging plan is prepared by stager for homeowner, who will then prepare the home to list. This will consist of a walk thru with homeowners to detail the most critical needs for each room with possible paint and accessory purchases suggested. This information will allow the homeowner to prioritize and pre-pack before listing home.**see below 

Photo Styling is available (after homeowner completes plan) to prepare for photos or Open Houses. Pricing available.

Consultation $200.00


Full Staging Services

The stager visits home and evaluates space in order to prepare a staging proposal.  It will be presented to homeowners with a contract to be signed  before staging begins. The homeowner gives the Stager (and crew) full access to home, and all staging will be completed by Eye Catching Homes.  This service is a complete package using homeowner's furniture and accessories.  De-personalizing, and pre-packing of personal items will have been completed by the homeowners. The home will be Staged to Sell, and ready to be photographed for MLS listing with a Staged List Price. **  

Vacant Home, Model Homes Staging:  Furniture and accessory needs will be selected for all major rooms and spaces. All staging will be done by Eye Catching Homes.

Chose one of the options below

3 Options:

** Pricing is determined by the needs and time needed to prepare home to list. The following prices are for Occupied homes that have been pre-packed.  


1/2 Day Staging

4 hours  
$500.00 minimum.
This is for the homeowner that needs the special touch of a professional stager.


Full Day Staging

8 Hours
$1200.00 minimum

This is for the homeowner that needs more hands on Professional staging.  


Photo Shoot Staging

2 hours with 1 stager:
$250.00 (props not included)

This is done on picture day to make your home truly "Eye Catching".