The Picture That Caught My Eye

The picture caught my eye as I walked through her house.  It was a special picture of her birthplace, she said.  As I looked closer, I realized I knew the place.  It was a far away place that brought many memories flooding back...a place in another country.  How could we both know the same place?   

Cali, Colombia. Tres Cruces  

Cali, Colombia. Tres Cruces  

We both quickly realized we had a lot in common.  How do two strangers living in a small town in Georgia who meet for the first time realize they had lived in the same city in a foreign country many years ago? This was not a coincidence, but a meant to be meeting. The words from a Disney ride, "Its a Small World, After All" came to me.  

The bond was immediate as we reminisced about common places we had experienced, and a friendship developed.  What started as a professional consultation to help a client with decor options has turned into a unique opportunity to share our lives.

 A Staging to Live Consultation is a service available to a new or existing homeowner who wants to make their home "Eye Catching." During this consultation, paint selections, decor needs are discussed, and further needs are evaluated. The homeowner may proceed on their own, or my personal shopping option is available.  See services page.

The people I have met, and the connections made during these consultations will always stand out as my favorite way to serve my community. 

What does your home need to be truly "Eye Catching?"  Book your consultation today.