Staging For Every Season of Life

Seasons of Life...We are all in one of the seasons of life. We might be in the spring season where everything is new and fresh. We are newly married and hunting for our first home together.  Our needs are simple...a place to start life. Finding your eye catching home is the first step.  

The Summer season of Life is a season of watching things grow.  Families are expanding and housing needs change.  Upsizing because of this growth is common.  Finding a home that fits this new lifestyle is exciting.  Schools and community become important. A home fitting these needs, in a setting that brings new friendships is the goal. A home that has been staged to showcase space and selling features is the solution to your needs. 

The Fall season of Life is a time of reaping the rewards of family, community and established relationships. Your home during this season is usually full of laughter, and activity.  Space for each of these needs sometimes requires a renovation or update of the home.  Children are growing and needing their own areas to host gatherings of friends.  Staged for Living is one of the options offered from Eye Catching Homes.  Furniture and decor may need to be updated. A consultation with a stager to provide solutions for these needs is one of our options.  

In the Winter Season of Life you may experience a time of downsizing.  The empty nest leaves many spaces in your home that are not needed anymore.  Couples are enjoying their freedom and want less responsibility.  Finding a smaller home with more amenities for easy living are desired. Once again a search for a home takes place.  This time its about a lifestyle upgrade and comfort for your needs as you age. Single story homes or building your dream home are possibilities. Selling your home as a Staged to Sell home will give you the most equity.  These homes sell quickly with less time on the market, which allows you to start the lifestyle you have dreamed about.

Finding an Eye Catching Home in all seasons of life is the best way to achieve all the goals we dream about.  Your staged home is waiting for you at 706-666-3559