A Winning Combination

 In the real estate world, Staging is the winning combination for all real estate transactions between a Realtor, a buyer, and a seller.The Venn diagram is a perfect illustration of how we win together.  

Staging brings each group together for a WIN! WIN! WIN!.  When we work together to achieve all our goals, we all WIN.

Each group has a set of goals:  The Seller needs to Sell, the Buyer needs to Buy, and the Realtor needs a Buyer and a Seller to receive a commission.  All these needs are met by hiring a stager to prepare the new listing.


Your goal is to Sell your house for the most money. Staging is a proven way to achieve this goal.

 A staging consultation consists of meeting with the seller to preview the home and make all the necessary recommendations needed to list the home in its best selling condition. A trained stager knows what the market is calling for and prepares the home to appeal to the broadest market.

  The homeowner may chose to "stage " their own home. The homeowner may be too emotionally attached to their personal belongings and may not realize they are "turning off" a potential buyer. Clean and Clutter-free doesn't mean the same thing to everyone, as my husband and I have discovered. To him it means Trash everything, to me it means neat stacks, or stick it in a drawer!    

Making each room speak clearly is one of my goals as a stager.  Sometimes a room has been given a different purpose for the homeowners lifestyle, but a future buyer would not see this clearly, and would be confused.  Staging a room for the designed purpose makes it clear and satisfies a buyer. We don't want to give anyone a reason to walk away.  Staging also allows the future buyer to place their own furniture in their minds eye.  If they feel a room is too small because it's full of furniture, a sale may be lost. Color is also a "turn off" to a buyer.  Rooms that are too bold (dark, or too brightly colored) tell a buyer "it's going to cost money to fix this" and may cause a lost sale.   A staging consultation will avoid all these "lost sales". 

Staging is for your "good". No one wants to lose sales because of these reasons.  

A 2 hour consultation with a stager will save you time on the market waiting for that one perfect buyer. Appealing to a larger buyer pool will always save time and money. Investing in a few needed recommendations carried out by the homeowner meets your need to SELL YOUR HOUSE for the most money.  This is a Win for you as a seller.



As a buyer, your goal is to find a home at a good value.  Previewing homes on the internet is the first step for over 90% of buyers.  Pictures are worth "a thousand words" ....or dollars.  As buyers preview homes, they usually have preconceived ideas about their criteria for buying.  Too big, too small, too much work,  too dark....all these words start a conversation in their head.  Each listing only gets a few seconds to be "Eye Catching". 

Staging a home to show beautifully is also one of my staging goals.  As a trained stager, I know how to market a home by creating space and beauty.  Clean, light, and calm are universal desires.  No one wants to buy dirty, dark, and chaotic.  Most homebuyers are also looking for a new lifestyle, and staging your home will give them their desires.  

A "Hands On" staging package is available for sellers who are ready to market their home for the choosy buyer. Investing in "hands on staging" will give you the return you need to move on to your "new lifestyle".  A Win for the buyer and you as a seller is when your home is chosen. 



A Realtor's goal is to have listings and closings.  Adding a stager to their team gives them the best chance of achieving their goals 

A stager's goal is to stage homes. Developing a professional working relationship meets all our mutual goals. We all contribute to a WIN, WIN situation.  

When a home is staged to its best condition and sells, and a buyer falls in love and purchases it, this becomes a WIN! WIN! WIN!


Staging homes to be "Eye Catching " is the most satisfying experience.  It yields a winning result for everyone.  A seller, sells....a buyer, buys...and a realtor makes a commission and earns a reputation that brings referrals. 

Building a reputation for helping homes sell quickly, show beautifully, and speak clearly are my goals. A WIN for me is when all three circles are fully connected and everyone is satisfied.