The Day the Sign went in the Yard

The For Sale sign was in the yard when I went home for lunch...I could hardly eat because of the mixed feelings inside of me.  Our first home was for sale, and we were leaving behind memories of things that wouldn't happen in this home. Our first baby, the crib in the spare bedroom, all those thoughts were painful.  We had lost our first baby in a recent miscarriage, and now we were moving to a new city for a new job.  Life keeps on moving forward, even when we wish it wouldn't. 

Moving can be a painful emotional journey.  It can also be a time to start fresh where no one knows your story.  A home is a place to see life grow and new friendships begin.  As we left one home behind, we looked forward to the new beginning in a city where our family lived.  

Moving can also be an adventure.  I had many moves like this early in my life as a child of missionary parents.  I spent my childhood in Colombia, South America, and every four years we would pack to live in the US for a year.  Each trip brought new friendships, culture shock, and great memories.  Leaving our "home" behind meant packing away valuables into large steel drums and locking them in a spare bedroom, as our home would become someone else's home temporarily. I have early memories of seeing my Dad pack the china, silver, etc in newspaper and place them into the big drums.  I don't know why he used these steel drums, but its a picture in my mind.

Packing is a part of selling your home.  It has to be done get to the next phase in your life. Most packing is done during the last weeks you are in your home, but some pre-packing is neccesary to prepare your home to sell. Buyers need to see the space in your home, not your valuable possessions and rooms full of  furniture. Hiring a professional stager to prepare your home to be eye catching is a service we offer. Recommendations to help you make the most money is our goal. In our last move, we chose to downsize as our children had moved on and started their own lives in different cities.  We had a 3000 sq. ft home and never went upstairs.  We were ready to put down roots near one of our children to prepare for grand-parenting, which we hoped would come soon.  Our desire was to sell quickly so we could start this phase of our life.  We prepared our home to appeal to the buyer, as it was no longer our home. It was a product to market in its best condition. 

Since we had many years of memories stored away in boxes, it was time to purge.  This was a stressful time, since I like to keep baby memories.  We did have two children after the first loss.  Their cute baby pictures and clothing were special to me.  My husband thinks everything should be thrown away.  He does have one box of memorabilia, like the newspaper when JFK was shot, since he lived in Dallas at the time. 

Disagreements do happen. It is true that one person's trash is another person's treasure. Learning to give and take is part of the process.  It also comes down to a financial decision. The more stuff you have, the more it weighs, and the more it costs to move it. This became our we love it enough to pay to move it. We had to get ruthless, because this move was out of our pocket, not a  company relocation like many others had been.

Our home sold within days because it was staged for a new buyer and soon the van arrived to move our things into storage.  It had sold so quickly, we did not have time to buy another home.  A business trip to England had been scheduled, so we packed our car with items we would need for several months. A new life was waiting for us when we flew back to the US...we just weren't sure where. Now our dream to live near one of our children, and grandchildren has come true. 

You can start new in your future dream home.  Hire Eye Catching Homes to prepare your home to sell quickly so that dream life can begin soon.