What do cupcakes, rusty old silos, and a TV show have in common?

When I tell people I'm a home stager, the next words out of their mouth are...I know what that is... I watch that couple from Waco fix up houses on the Fixer Upper TV show.   I decided to go see what Magnolia Market and the Fixer Upper crowd in Waco, Texas are all about and what  cupcakes, rusty old silos, and a TV show really do have in common.  

Nuts and Bolts cupcake from the Silos Bakery

Nuts and Bolts cupcake from the Silos Bakery

Interestingly, I lived in Waco, Texas before it was cool.  I'm a graduate of Baylor University in Waco and I love seeing my old stomping grounds on the HGTV show "Fixer Upper."  I should have bought property back then....it might be worth something now. 

During each show, Chip and Joanna Gaines help a family pick a "Fixer Upper " home, and then proceed to do an almost unbelievable transformation. After Chip and his crew tear it apart on "Demo Day" and put it back together, Joanna comes in to stage it for the new owner.  She has developed a unique style with her own line of paint, furniture, and rugs.  The new owner can chose to purchase the staging props she uses. 

Each area in the home is showcased beautifully. Master bedrooms are luxurious and restful, kitchens look spacious and great meals will take place there, and all spaces give us the feeling of comfort, and future family memories. Joanna designs and stages each home to create a dream lifestyle and appeal to the new homeowner.

What does a 4 year old TV show teach us? It teaches us that people do care about their homes. The number of people visiting The Silos every day is staggering. They come from every state, and even out of the country. In the two hours I was there, there were at least 2000 people visiting the shops.  Multiply that by an 8 hour day, 6 days a week....all coming to get a piece of "The Magnolia Magic". The whole town has benefited from their popularity. Many small businesses are reaping financial rewards from the magic.  

Hymnsinger House B&B

Hymnsinger House B&B

The owner of the  Bed and Breakfast,  Hymnsinger House, told us Magnolia Market was the fuel on a fire that had already started in Waco. Revitalization had begun, but the Gaines strategically relocated their small store to the Silos and the rest is history.  Waco, Cupcakes, Shiplap, Rusted Silos, Food Trucks, and Magnolia Market dominate the conversation of all "Fixer Upper " fans, and the city of Waco. 

The desire for a home makeover to match the Fixer Upper style has such an appeal to thousands of people from every walk of life and making their home "Eye Catching" was evident in the purchases made by almost every shopper at the Silos. Whether it was a T-shirt with #shiplap on it or a white coffee mug with the black logo of Magnolia on it, or even a cupcake from the Silos bakery...people love to be a part of the latest home trends. 

"Home" is the common bond bringing millions of people together through the message from the Fixer Upper TV show.  Cupcakes, rusty Silos, and even a wood wall called shiplap have encouraged us to make our own "Fixer Upper" into our dream home. 

 We all want a transformation in our lives like the families on the show receive.  Most have a wish list for their home, but they receive more than a dream home.  

"Are You Ready to See Your Fixer Upper? " are the words Chip and Joanna Gaines say to the new homeowner as they reveal their home from behind a large picture of the old home. Tears, hugs and sometimes a kiss are the reward for all the waiting they endure as they reveal their Fixer Upper.  The families are not allowed to see the home as the renovation takes place, so much anxiety and nervousness is finally eliminated on the REVEAL DAY.

All who watch the show are captivated by the transformations.  We all would love to experience our own reveal. We all want to COME HOME. 

Theme song from Fixer Upper.  

"Just go home,


You need you some Home. 


Oh, you need you some home."


 by JohnnieSwim


Magnolia Market items  

Magnolia Market items