How it all began....

About 10 yrs ago we were living in Augusta, Ga. and being home of the Masters Golf Tournament, renting your house out for the Masters was a status symbol. This meant someone had chosen your home to rent for the week, and it meant extra cash!!!

I was working at Curtain Call as a design consultant, and every spring the Masters Rush would start. Customers wanted to spruce up their homes to make a good impression and to keep renters coming back year after year. This was the real goal...repeat renters for life and a nice check.

One year I decided to join the madness, and rent my house. This meant "staging" my home for the photos that would appeal to a possible renter. I began a decluttering (editing) frenzy. I couldn't let people see all my "stuff". My house had to be clean, de-personalized (for privacy) and "Eye Catching". The photos were the only chance I had to get a renter because I lived 10 miles from the Augusta National.

I was successful and rented to the same company for several years and would have continued except for a transfer to Tampa. A recent move back to Georgia last year meant selling our home in Tampa. Once again I started the "Masters Ready" staging process to catch a buyers eye quickly and sell my home. It only took 3 days to get a contract.  One month later we closed. All the pre-packing (getting Masters Ready) and de-cluttering paid off with a QUICK SALE! 

Clean, bright, and welcoming were my goals.
Getting the most equity in the fastest amount of time was the motivation.
I have succeeded in these areas, and will stage your home with these goals in mind.
 Color and accessory selections (if needed) will help your home show beautifully.
Eye Catching Homes helps spaces show beautifully, speak clearly and sell quickly.